Children’s Parliament

Alberton Primary School Children’s Parliament Framework was developed ​by Sophia Mountzouris, together with Social Work students. The Children’s Parliament of Alberton Primary School (CPAPS) is a group of children, who take on leadership responsibilities across the school. Class members have an opportunity to bring forward ideas and discuss any issues that arise during community meetings. All CPAPS ministries have a staff advisor that they can turn to for advice and guidance if needed.

Each ministry is made up of a Minister, Deputy Minister and 4 Members. Along with our Ministries, we have a Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Treasurer. Ministries meet at least 3 times a term to discuss any important issues and organise events.

Latest Updates

Our Children’s Parliament Prime Minister’s and Deputy Ministers participate in Leadership meetings three times per term. This is a chance for the Ministers to check in with Leadership team to ensure we are all supporting each other to achieve our student wellbeing and learning outcomes 🙂

Prime Minister & Deputy Prime Minister Governing Council Report

Our Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers provide a Children’s Parliament update at our Governing Council Meetings in Week 3 & 8 of each term.

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