Enrolment & Principal Tours

For information about our pre-school enrolment area and to find out whether we are your closest school for primary enrolment, you can go to the Department’s page.

We encourage you to visit our Playgroup on a Friday if you are interested in enrolling your child. 

Principal tours take place each term, please get in contact with us if you would like to book a tour. Tours run for approximately 1 hour and are led by our Children’s Parliament.


Students who miss school often

  • Habitual non-attendance: a student misses 5 to 9 school days in a term. This is for any reason.
  • Chronic non-attendance: a student misses 10 or more days in a term. This is for any reason.

For students in these groups, we assess the level of risk to their learning and wellbeing. When a student is at risk we will talk with the family about the issues.

Our school’s vision

All students have a right to an education. This gives them the best opportunity to reach their full potential.

We have a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where students can learn and grow. Parents and carers are important partners in this process. We work with parents, carers and students to find out why someone is missing school. We provide supports that are specific to each student’s needs.

How we follow up if a student is absent from school

This is an overview of how we follow up student absences. We might change these steps to fit in with a family’s needs. A quick follow up helps us to manage risks early and reduce absences.

  1. If a student is absent from school, we record their absence. We also record the reason given by the parent or carer.
  2. If we receive no reason, we follow up with the parent or carer. This is usually by phone.
  3. If the absences continue or there are concerns raised by the absence, we keep following up. This might be by phone, email, meeting or a letter.

We support the family to look at any issues that stop the student from going to school.

If needed, we connect the family to other services. For example student support services.


There are always lots of opportunities for parents to volunteer.  Please ask your child’s teacher for opportunities.

Some opportunities include:

  • Helping in the classroom
  • Attending excursions
  • Gardening
  • Canteen
  • Working Bees
  • Fundraising BBQs

Aboriginal Education 

Reconciliation Action Plan update coming soon

School Newsletters

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Community Events

School Apps

Below are our schools various applications that we use to help our community


Families with a child at Alberton Primary School may find it easier to pay for lunches, excursions, uniforms and other costs using Qkr! You may make payments online by clicking the logo to the right, or by downloading the app to your smartphone.


Seesaw is the application we use to communicate with parents and let them know what activities their children have been doing.

These brief updates are helpful in facilitating conversations at home between parents and children.

Please ask your child’s teacher for instructions for using Seesaw.  They will need to provide you with a code specific to your child.

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