Our school is structured around three communities of learners: The Nest, Broad Street and New Street.

The Nest is a combined Preschool and Reception group, with adapted principles of Reggio Emilia at its core. There are three home groups within the Nest and a large award-winning outdoor learning environment for children to explore.

Our educators all work in a team-teaching scenario where ongoing communication, good planning, and clear commitment have contributed to the building of a highly supportive and welcoming team.

Alberton has a very long history and in 2017 we celebrated our 125th year.


At Alberton Primary we have five school values that are the foundation for everything we do.


    We endeavour to ensure that all members of our community feel a sense of belonging within the school through inclusive programs, a range of ways that parents and caregivers can be involved and through an openness to listen and incorporate the contributions of all.


    Children are encouraged to discover the wonders within their world, to develop their creativity and their sense of curiosity. Children are challenged to take measured risks as they explore their capabilities and passions.


    Working together respectfully is a key to our success as a diverse school community. We develop collective strength, wisdom and action through our diversity of cultures, experiences, skills and ages.


    We work towards helping children understand that they have the power to contribute to their world both as individuals and together with others. We work with children to develop their sense of control over their world including their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.


    Our ultimate aim is to inspire children to identify a future they hope for then set about creating that future and proudly celebrate their achievements along the way.

    Governing Council

    The council engages with families, supports school leadership and works in the best interests of all children of the school.

    Our Governing Council meets twice per term. While meetings are not open for others to attend, feedback and input are always invited. The dates of these meetings are available on request via the email address below.

    The Governing Council has oversight of OSHC and the Canteen, and provides a forum for the involvement of families to ensure that the cultural and social diversity of the community is represented.

    Governing Council is made up of parents elected at the Annual General Meeting, the Principal, and a staff representative. Governing Council parent members are elected as individuals, rather than as representatives of particular groups or interests within the community. There are also positions for three people nominated by an Aboriginal parent group and Governing Council may co-opt up to two community members.

    Should you wish to get in touch with the council at any stage, you may email: dl.0202.govcouncil@schools.sa.edu.au 

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